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Peapack Reformed Church is a congregation called by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and committed to being the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world. We hope you will join us in worship Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.

 Vineyard Haven
by Rev. Kathryn Henry
Sep 28, 2014
Jesus stands in the synagogue teaching, drawing followers to himself as he opens up the word of God to them in new ways. But a group of high priests and elders confront him, demanding to know who gave him the authority to be there, teaching. They are no match for Jesus, though. He makes his point and then tells another parable, an allegory meant to reject “the way we’ve always done it” and to warn his followers against self-righteous arrogance.

 Bryn Athyn World
by Rev. Kathryn Henry
Sep 21, 2014
Matthew writes for a mixed congregation that includes both longtime Jewish Christians (who may have known Jesus personally) and others who have joined the movement only recently, many of whom are Gentile converts.  Inevitably, conflicts arise around religious practices. In the parable that Jesus tells today, there is a dispute between the people who work long and hard and others who don’t seem to put in much time or effort at all.

 It’s a Judgment Call
by Rev. Kathryn Henry
Sep 14, 2014
All the stories also show that forgiveness is a judgment call. Something catastrophic happens or even something minor and annoying. We can choose to live with hate and anger, continual disappointment and sadness or a desire to retaliate and get even. Or, we can choose to forgive and thus be set free to live in love and joy and peace. It’s a judgment call… and I can guess what God would have us do; can't you?


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